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CouchSurfing Maastricht: how does it work?

CouchSurfing Maastricht (CSM) is a continuation of last year’s initiative by the students of SOS Maastricht.

CSM tries to help out students that are already in Maastricht but haven’t found housing yet by offering them a place to stay with a temporary host. This couch surfing initiative depends heavily on the availability of ‘couches’ by voluntary hosts. You are not guaranteed a place to stay if there are more students subscribing to this service than there a hosts available. Last year 24 hosts and 82 students subscribed to this service, which resulted in 17 successful matches.

The matching of students and hosts is done by Maastricht Housing who has taken over the initiative from the students. They will try to find the best possible match.

Photo of the river Maas with a view of Maastricht.